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℡ 4000-520-616
德国MoBiTec公司于1987年由Stephan Diekmann 教授创立,由于和Max-Planck协会(德国处于领先地位的研究中心)有着密切的关系,这使得本公司与很多具有创造性的科学家有着亲密的合作。另外,MoBiTec 拥有来自欧洲和北美的研究人员,包括法国的Pasteur 研究中心和荷兰的Vrije大学的科学家。MoBiTec公司能提供独一无二的高质量产品,从而简化实验设计,而留出更多更宝贵的时间用于实际的研究。 产品包括: 双杂交和单杂交系统——体内蛋白-蛋白和DNA-蛋白关系,噬菌体展示系统——筛选特殊的多肽配体和选择具有特异性结合特性的新的蛋白质,Lamda PS基因文库,用于克隆的多功能DNA载体,靶基因的表达与分析,重组蛋白质高效表达和纯化试剂盒,细胞转染试剂和细胞培养工具,各种固体和溶解状态的酶,基因组学和蛋白组学研究产品(PCR,核酸,蛋白质纯化分析),各种抗体、细胞因子、生长因子、重组蛋白质,高级荧光试剂和试剂盒(蛋白质标记试剂盒,标记抗体,细胞染色试剂,钙指示器),亲和层析仪,凝胶分析工具——凝胶柱和凝胶电泳附件。 Bacillus megaterium Expression System Bacillus subtilis Expression Vectors pBacTag Tagging Vectors pPICHOLI Shuttle Vector System Broad-Host-Range Vectors pBBR122 & pBHR1 Fusion Protein Cloning System PheBo Fusion Protein Cloning System pAX BRP Plasmid and Competent BRP Cells pPEPTIDE Cloning Vector Promoter-Trap Vector pBBR RESO pORF-CLONE Vector System Exontrap Cloning Vector PCR Cloning Vector p3T Suicide Vector pCorrectClone ssDNA-Production and Expression in pMEX His-tag Cloning Vector pEG-His1 Multiple Cloning Site Vector pMCS5 Your partner for unique Two- and One-Hybrid-Systems, Phagemid Display, Genomic Libraries, DNA Vector Systems, Cell Biology and Antibodies, DNA and Protein Tools, Fluorescence Technology, Affinity Chromatography, and Lab Supplies about MoBiTec History nnovative Tools for Molecular & Cell Biology  MoBiTec GmbH is a privately held company that was founded by Prof. Dr. Stephan Diekmann in 1987. The close relation to the Max-Planck Society as well as the location in Goettingen, one of Germany’s leading research centers, facilitated close cooperation with some of Germany’s most inventive scientists. In addition, MoBiTec has always been operating extensively with scientists all over Europe and North America, including those from the Pasteur Institute in France and Vrije University in the Netherlands. By commercializing the brilliant ideas of many researchers, MoBiTec is able to offer a unique range of high quality products with simplified protocols making lab life easier and leaving more time for actual research.   Products include e. g. two- & one hybrid systems for in vivo detection of protein-protein or DNA-protein interactions, a phagemid display system for screening specific peptide ligands and selecting novel proteins with specific binding properties, convenient Lambda PS genomic libraries; versatile DNA vectors for cloning, expressing and analyzing target genes, kits for efficient expression and purification of recombinant proteins, cell transfection reagents and cell culture tools, immobilized and soluble enzymes, many products for genomics and proteomics research (e. g. for PCR, nucleic acid & protein purification and analysis) , numerous antibodies, cytokines, growth factors and recombinant proteins, superior fluorescence reagents and kits (e. g. protein labeling kits, labeled antibodies, cell staining reagents, calcium indicators), affinity chromatography products, gel analysis tools as well as general laboratory equipment such as lab columns and gel electrophoresis accessories.   In parallel to its own product lines, MoBiTec distributes products from several international companies in Germany including fluorescent probes and research chemicals (Molecular Probes, AnaSpec, Teflabs), quantum dots (Evident Technologies), a variety of DNA purification kits and DNA polymerases (Edge Biosystems, TaKaRa), diagnostic tools (Biomerica, Cytocell), gel elecrophoresis accessories (Amresco), glycobiology products (Dextra Laboratories), high-quality biochip products (GenTel), cell transfection reagents (Mirus) as well as antibodies, proteins, substrates, fine chemicals and kits for molecular and cell biology - in particular virology, immunology, neurobiology, apoptosis, signal transduction, cell proliferation, cytotoxicity and cancer research (MBL, A.G. Scientific, TaKaRa, Amresco, ViroGen, AnaSpec).   MoBiTec offers a total service, beginning with the clear and full documentation of products extending to individual advice and technical service for customers. MoBiTec products are distributed worldwide - in Germany from our home office, in other countries by distributors. Moreover, MoBiTec is continuously looking for new products and marketable technologies for licensing and is therefore strongly interested in scientific collaborations in order to develop innovative product ideas.


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